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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 166 of Life on Fire. As an entrepreneur you know the #1 thing that will make or break your business is sales. And here to share her expert insights on the topic is Lisa Sasevich, who is also one of our speakers at January’s Ignite event.

Today Lisa takes us on a tour of her home and talks about what she did to skyrocket her business to $2.2 million in 10 months, why she called 2015 her company’s “leap year”, and why it’s so important to dial in your sales offer.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What is “business nirvana” and how do you reach it? (10:40)
  • Why saying yes was pivotal to Lisa’s success. (11:30)
  • When burning your boats is a good thing. (15:15)
  • What it means to “dial in” your offer, and why doing so frees you up. (38:35)
  • Why figuring out what not to do is priceless. (41:25)
  • And so much more!

Lisa’s background is in sales and coaching. She really loved helping people get clear on their offerings and their sales process. But what she didn’t love was spending time away from her family to serve all of her clients on an individual basis. Not to mention the cap it put on her income!

She decided to attend an event, which was about learning to serve more than one person. It was the perfect venue for Lisa to learn and implement strategies to grow and scale her business.

One of the speakers from the stage offered the audience an opportunity to join her long-term training program. Even though Lisa had vowed only to attend the event she was drawn to this woman’s offer.

It was a pivotal moment for Lisa: she could look back on this and think of it as something she could’ve done or she could go for it. She went for it and signed up for the speaker’s $100,000 elite level program.

And it paid off! She began raising her rates for her coaching clients, offering VIP days and people gladly paid more to work with her. In fact her clients started getting better results after Lisa started charging more!

Within 10 months she had boosted her income to $2.2 million as a result of that decision and the coaching she received in the long-term program.

On today’s episode Lisa explains what she knows now about the value of charging a premium, as well as how to invite sales into your business and the necessity of using an irresistible offer system in your sales process. You’ll hear all of that as well as get a behind-the-scenes tour of Lisa’s amazing home on this edition of Life on Fire.


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