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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 168 of Life on Fire. Today we’re talking with our very special guest, none other than Firestarter Elite Joni Young.

On today’s episode Joni shares with us why she and her husband sold their $20 million business, how she discovered what she’s truly passionate about, how she started building that business and what it was like to land her first client contract worth almost six figures!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What was Joni’s turning point? (3:30)
  • Why you should reevaluate your definition of a life on fire every year. (4:15)
  • If you aren’t offering something that you know you should, what does it mean? (5:55)
  • What was the impact of attending her first Ignite Your Movement event? (6:50)
  • How Joni landed her first coaching client, worth $96,000. (13:30)
  • And so much more!

Joni and her husband had a dream they were building together: they wanted to have a business worth $100 million. But on the way to realizing that dream something got lost: their relationship and their relationship with their children.

They had what most entrepreneurs are gunning for: a healthy $20 million in revenue every year, worldwide travel to help their clients and a massive, thriving enterprise they had created together. And it was fun, for the first few years!

But soon the travel took its toll on them, their marriage and their family. They knew something had to change, so they took the leap and sold their business.

Joni knew this time she wanted to do something that was about others. Their last business had been about what she and her husband wanted, this time it would be about serving other people and building a legacy that would outlast them both.

But she didn’t know what that business was exactly. She wasn’t worried about the “how” piece, she had faced the unknown before and achieved great things.

So when a friend invited her to attend an Ignite event in 2015 she and her husband jumped at the chance. They took a vacation to San Diego and jumped in with both feet.

Being at the event, doing the glass walk in particular, relit the spark within Joni to serve others. She knew she had built something great with her last business, a business most entrepreneurs only dream of building, so this time she wanted to help others do the same thing. Her next business would be helping others build the business of their dreams.

Joni was so inspired by her experience at the event and my coaching she signed up as a private coaching client, and had a VIP day with me. Together we helped her get crystal clear on who she would serve and how.

Soon word spread around her old network that she was now a business coach and consultant. Not long after she received a contract from her first client for a healthy $96,000. She was ecstatic and I was thrilled to help her reach that milestone!

That was just the first step that Joni took to realizing her life on fire, and she is continuing to blaze a trail today. Listen in to Joni’s story today and let it inspire you to do the same!