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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 171 of Life on Fire. At our recent Life on Fire event – Ignite 2016 – I had the pleasure of welcoming my friend to the stage, Mr. Tai Lopez.

Today’s episode is Tai speaking to the Ignite crew, and you’ll hear him talk about motivation, procrastination, and change. Specifically he shares what the 4 M’s are, his exercise to find what fuels you and how to balance your selfish and unselfish needs to truly lead and live a life on fire.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What role do habits of the mind play in our success? (5:40)
  • How is motivation different than purpose? (8:30)
  • Tai’s exercise to find what fuels you. (11:15)
  • What are the four M’s? (15:35)
  • What are the two things Mark Cuban in his office and why do they matter? (33:50)
  • And so much more!

I met Tai in 2010 at an event called Magic Bullet. And since then I’ve come to know him as one of the most generous, thoughtful and intelligent people in our industry. He is a partner, investor and advisor to over 20 companies, all of which are doing 7 figures or more a year. And he has one of the largest audiences of anyone I know.

As you might imagine he knows a lot about human behavior, psychology and business: he is a man worth listening to! He shares his incredible insights on motivation versus purpose and finding what motivates you using something he calls the 4 M’s.

When it comes to vision or purpose almost everyone has this. Just ask someone what they’d do if they won the lottery and you’ll know what their vision is. But how many people actually make that vision a reality? Not as many.

And one of the reasons many don’t is because they don’t know and don’t access what fuels them. Having a vision is like being in your car with the GPS set to your final destination (that’s your vision) but not having any gasoline in the tank. You won’t get far with just a final destination/vision, you need the fuel to drive your car there too.

That’s where his 4 M’s come in. This exercise is simple: take a sheet of paper and make two columns. The column on the left side should be labeled selfish and the other column labeled unselfish. Understanding it’s okay to have selfish desires is an important piece of this as well.

Once you’ve done all of that write these four things down, one on each line. Material/money. Mating. Mastery. Momentum/movement.

  • Material/money is the desire to be wealthy.
  • Mating is the desire for a romantic partner, marriage and family (or some combination of those three).
  • Mastery is status and being the best at what you do.
  • Momentum is movement: being able to do what you want when you want where you want.

Now write those again but in the order you think you are motivated by. This is where you have to put aside any negative connotations you have about all of these. It’s okay to have selfish needs, in fact the world needs you have to them! As long as you do positive things to offset them and do good in the world selfish needs and fulfilling them is okay, according to Tai.

To know which of these are truly your motivation ask yourself what makes you envious? Which are you most competitive on? If someone has more money, a better relationship, more status, more movement are you envious of them?

Whichever area you feel most envious in that is your dominant selfish desire. Take that desire and flip it to use it in a positive way. Be selfish in that area and you’ll have access to the fuel to drive your car to your ultimate destination and vision. Without it you won’t get as  far.

You’ll also want to hear what Tai has to say about a trick he taught his friend to overcome unhealthy eating habits using one of the 4 M’s as the fuel, and what Mark Cuban shared about getting out of poverty and feuding with Donald Trump. It’s all here on episode 171 of Life on Fire TV.


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