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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 175 of Life on Fire. If you’re like many entrepreneurs and solopreneurs you have a vision for your business – but you hate selling! But you also know sales are important: without them you don’t have a business.

Here to share an authentic way to sell, without being pushy or sleazy, is Lisa Sasevich. Lisa is known as the Queen of Sales Conversions, and runs a multi-million dollar business that’s been ranked on Inc.’s list of the top 500 fastest growing privately-owned businesses!

She got there by using what she has coined as The Invisible Close; today she shares the framework and positioning for that close on this episode.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What Lisa did to become the queen of sales conversion. (14:00)
  • If she lost it all what would she do to get started? (17:20)
  • What are the 3 ways people find you? (25:15)
  • Why speaking for free is so beneficial. (29:30)
  • Why you’re helping your competition if you aren’t making your offer. (46:05)
  • And so much more!

On this show Lisa lays out what she calls “the invisible close”, including the 3 ways people find you and the mechanics of making your irresistible offer.

The first thing to know when creating your offer and making the close is that you have all the expertise you need. You don’t need to earn more degrees, or learn anything else. Be ready and step up with what you’ve got right now. By adding structure to your knowledge you will be fully prepared to share your message with more people, and grow your clients and increase your revenue.

At the heart of everything is your irresistible offer. In a moment we’ll break down the mechanics of making that offer but first you need to know the 3 ways people can find you and hear your offer.

The three ways are networking, speaking and online promotion. Networking means meeting more people, connecting with others and sharing what you do. Speaking can be everything from live to virtual. So getting on stage, giving interviews on podcasts, radio shows, virtual summits and telesummits all fall in this category. Online promotion delivery is email campaigns, Facebook and other social media.

If Lisa had to pick one way to deliver a message it would be speaking. As long as you’re prepared ahead of time with what you’re talking about there are lots of speaking opportunities. Lisa started with chamber of commerce groups. You can start there, you can search for meet up groups or other organizations in your area – lots of people are looking for speakers!

And this is where you assume your throne. As she shares on this episode today no one is going to discover you, you have to assume your throne. By speaking to groups and positioning yourself as the expert on your topic – which you are – you are assuming your throne.

As you speak to various groups you will find your target audience, you will get clear on your brand and you will hone your signature talk.

The final component of this is your irresistible offer. Ask yourself what is the offer you want to make? Once you know that then you can create these 3 pieces of the offer:

1. The main dish.

This is the main way you will deliver the transformation you are promising. Will it be coaching calls? Will it be an online video course or a weekend workshop? Whatever it is spend about 10% of your time sharing the delivery mechanism, and 90% of your time talking about the transformation it will provide.

2. Bonuses.

There is an old school model that most of us have seen where there are thousands of dollars of bonuses thrown in to the main offer. While that may work in some arenas still Lisa recommends offering a few bonuses that are tightly-related to the main offer.

3. Include a limiter.

A rookie mistake most people make is to forget this last piece of the offer puzzle: include a limiter. There are two types of limiters: time and quantity. You can give a certain time limit on the pricing of your offer, or even your entire offer. Or you can make the make the offer only available to a certain number of people. Either of these limiters will help make your offer an irresistible one!

Also on today’s episode Lisa expands on how the systems she uses are designed for heart-centered entrepreneurs, and why they’ve been so successful. You’ll also hear the story of how she started speaking for free and soon made $10k in 90 minutes at one of her presentations! Listen in for all of and more on this edition of Life on Fire.