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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 179 of Life on Fire. If you could learn from someone who has been succeeding in the online marketing space since the 1990s do you think that would be valuable? You’re in luck because that describes our guest for today’s show!

Steve Olsher, aka Mr. Bold, is a New York Times best-selling author who has been making his living online since the early 1990s and he’s here today to talk about how to grow your influence, actually become an influencer and leverage new technology to do so.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What is a blurgin? (8:40)
  • When 500 is better than 10,000: Steve explains. (15:35)
  • Why and how to run your own race. 17:35
  • Why you should start with one platform and focus on it for a year. (18:20)
  • Who is KingBach and why should you care? 20:20
  • And so much more!

On this episode with Steve we talk about why now is such an incredible time to become an influencer, how to choose the platforms you should be using, plus a breakdown of Blab!

Never before in the history of media or technology have so many people had access to the world. Literally from the palm of your hand you can connect to the world like never before – from Facebook to Snapchat to Instagram, there are dozens of ways to spread your message.

It’s a great time to get into the game because anyone can get into the game. On the flip side anyone can get into the game! Which means not everything produced online is of quality and worthy of people’s time.

Podcasting is a great example of this and on today’s episode Steve shares how he produces his podcast and how his process makes his show standout from the others in the marketplace today.

The secret to his process is no secret at all; it’s the message in his book, What Is Your What. It boils down to this: Steve knows his “what”. He knows what his core gift is, the vehicle he is using to share that gift and who is he sharing it with. Knowing that information has helped him find his target audience and deliver content to them the way they want to receive it.

And that’s how you become an influencer: find your core gift, find your audience and then figure out how to deliver content to them. You don’t need to be the best of the best, you just need to be able to speak to the people who are behind you in their process. If you’re delivering content to them and it helps them get further along and find success you will grow your audience, and grow your influence.

This is where Steve recommends finding one platform and sticking with it for a year, before even looking at anything else. Knowing your vehicle (in other words your platform or your medium) by which you’ll share your content is critical.

Let your people tell you which platform to use: find out where they hang out online and how they receive their content. Are they into audio? Great, then create a podcast to reach them. Are they video lovers? Then Blab or YouTube is the way to conned to them.

Also on today’s show Steve shares what influence actually is and why it’s something all of us can obtain, what Blab is and why he loves it so much and why an engaged group of 500 is far more powerful than an email list of 10k!

This is an eye-opening, thought-provoking episode that will ultimately move you into action and creating your own life on fire. Thanks for listening and thanks to Steve for being with us on episode 179 of Life on Fire.