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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 181 of Life on Fire. One of the most popular mediums today is live streaming video, and because it’s so popular there are plenty of myths attached to it! Here to help you overcome these fallacies and fully capitalize on this simple yet effective business technique is Mike Koenigs.

On today’s show Mike talks about his background, his everywhere-now-system and his tips for making the most of live video streams and webcasting. Whether you are new to the Internet marketplace or a seasoned pro he has great ideas that your business will benefit from. Listen in to hear all of that and more on this episode of Life on Fire.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why you should get wealthy with a purpose. (6:05)
  • How he produced a book in 4 days. (20:50)
  • What’s on the other side of fear? (32:35)
  • How Mike helped John Assaraf generated 14k leads a week. (34:55)
  • Why focusing on high quality, high value will change your business. (44:25)
  • And so much more!

Mike Koenigs visited with us last on episode 158 where he shared the 3 commandments of webcasting, if you want to listen to that check the Resources section below. He covers a ton of great info on this same topic in that show, but something we didn’t talk about much was his background.

Mike was raised in Eagle Lake, Minnesota – and yes you may hear his accent slip out from time to time! Because he’s been unemployable nearly his entire life he’s been an entrepreneur since the beginning. The turning point for him came when he was running a marketing agency called Digital Cafe. Business had slowed down and he was paying his employees with credit cards, and buying food for himself with his gas card.

Around that time he heard about Tony Robbins, and was intrigued. One evening when Mike came home from work he found a new credit card in his mailbox with an $8500 credit limit. He brought his mail inside, turned on the television and there was Tony Robbins. Mike ordered the program Tony was selling, and began listening to it as soon as it arrived.

Not long into it Mike was hooked: he knew Tony and Tony’s work could help him with his business. Mike picked up the phone and called to sign up for all of Tony’s programs. That was his turning point. In six months’ time and with a lot energy and sweat equity Mike bailed out his company and was on his way. From that experience he learned the value of investing in himself, and he had the results to show it.

Mike shares the wisdom he learned on that journey on today’s show along with the most common webcasting myths, and why they are just myths.

1. The first myth is no traffic or list.

Even if you don’t have an audience or a list you can find people by putting your webcast on various sites, and they’ll promote it for you. There’s a full list of Mike’s suggested sites in the Resources section below, but a few of them are and

2. You don’t like the way you look on camera.

There is a very simple remedy for this: Mike says you should get over it! And that perfect people don’t sell as much as interesting-looking people; less than perfect sells more than perfect so stop worrying about it so much and get on with your webcast.

3. You’re not an expert or an authority.

There’s another simple solution to this: interview experts. You build your own credibility by interviewing other experts for your show, and sharing that person’s knowledge with your audience.

4. You are not technically-inclined and don’t have a studio or access to one.

Mike spells out exactly what gear you need to get started, and it is what most of us already have or can easily buy and use! You don’t need technical savvy to know how to create a webcast, anyone can do it.

5. You are not good at marketing or copywriting.

Again another misconception: you don’t have to be, you just have to be good at answering questions from your audience. You don’t need to do any more than that, just talk and answer questions because that’s all copywriting is at its core.

6. You don’t like to sell.

Like the previous answer this is about answering questions authentically. Your audience will fall in love with you if you do that for me, you become a teacher to them and a source of knowledge. They’ll naturally want to buy from you when you do that for them.

7. You don’t have a team.

You don’t need one – you need a laptop and to push buttons on it! There isn’t a whole lot more involved in the process, and you definitely don’t need a team of people to run a webcast.

8. It won’t work for your business.

As long as your business involves demonstrating, teaching, answering questions and/or building a relationship with another human being webcasts will work for your business.

Mike busts those myths plus recaps his 3 commandments on webcasting and explains why business is about building intimate relationships (and how you can do so). His lessons are valuable teaching moments whether you’re new to entrepreneurship or have been in the game for a long time.

Have a listen for all of that and more on episode 181 of Life on Fire!