Audio Only Version

Megan and I have been wanting to pay it forward to the media team at C3 church for months and months.  The media team works incredibly long hours and they are responsible for creating all of the video production and design that makes the experience at C3 Church so incredible.
We figured that there’s no better way to pay it forward than to do it on camera Pay it Forward Friday style!
So here’s the plan…
We purchased the brand new Phantom 4 Drone along with an extra battery and sweet backpack.  From there, we also decided to get a silver metal briefcase to stuff with money of course lol.
Next step is that we had to figure out how we could surprise them with it.  So we got Pastor Jon Heinrich’s involved.  He reached out to them and told them that Nick, Megan, and Life on Fire will be shooting a behind the scenes documentary.  This would give us a reason to be in on the media team’s weekly production meeting.
From there, we then needed to come up with a reason to bring in a package.
Of course we called Michael O’Neal from to come join us dressed up as a UPS man, with hat and all :).
The stage was set and I think we pulled it off nicely.
The best part of paying it forward is not actually the feeling and happiness that comes from the act of giving…the best part is knowing that the receiver will actually pay it forward in the future.
I love imagining what they will be doing to pay it forward to others in the future.
It’s the ripple effect that we love and why we do this.
So, how about you!?  I’d love for you to share something that you’ve done to pay it forward OR any ideas that you have to go out and pay it forward.