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Hey hey! Welcome to a bonus edition of Life on Fire. Our guest from episode 182, Jenn Beninger, has such a compelling personal story I had to bring her back to share it with you.

If you’ve ever felt like you were wandering around your life like a lost puppy you’ll relate to Jenn. On today’s show we talk about how she went from being that lost puppy to living a life on fire, and what that life on fire looks like for her now.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • When did Jenn’s life shift? (3:20)
  • Why negative thoughts pop up when we’re up to big things. (4:45)
  • Why we used the phrase “Bye Felicia!” to help Jenn, and how it will help you too. (6:55)
  • How Jenn made 3 calls and landed 2 clients! (9:35)
  • And so much more!

Jenn has been self-employed for quite awhile. She started her first business back in 1997, it was a wedding consultant business. While she was successful at it for many years she also felt like she was lacking purpose, there was something more for her beyond what she was doing.

Life has a way of stepping in and it did not long ago: her business fell apart and Jenn began to wander like a “lost puppy” (her words!). The wandering went on for a good six months til Jenn attended an event where I was speaking, an event she felt she absolutely had to attend.

Prior to the event we hadn’t met; in fact she hadn’t heard of me or my company before I was on stage that day. But after I shared my story she felt compelled to introduce herself. We talked a bit and I gave her my card, she promised to get in touch but never did.

Something about about her and our conversation stuck with me so when I didn’t hear from her I reached out to a mutual friend and asked for him to connect us. Even though he thought it was weird he did!

After talking with Jenn I suggested she take part in one of my coaching programs. She was reluctant to make the financial investment, her business had gone under after all so I suggested we do a VIP day together. I promised her if she didn’t get a breakthrough and didn’t have an incredibly transformative experience from the VIP day I’d give her her money back.

She took me up on it and came to San Diego. After a lot of avoidance on her part we came up with her passion and purpose: she loves video and helping people spread their message with video so she is now a YouTube marketing expert.

Since that day she’s started an entirely new company with more passion and more purpose then she’s had before. In less than a year since that fateful VIP day she has built a thriving company serving other successful entrepreneurs with done-for-you services and products. She’s raised her health game as well, dropping 30 pounds! Her business, her health, her family and her life are all a reflection of finding her true passion and purpose.

On today’s show we talk about how she broke through her negative thought patterns to create a truly amazing life on fire! Have a listen for all of that and more on this bonus episode of Life on Fire.