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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 187 of Life on Fire. Last week we brought you the top 7 proven strategies that six and seven figure business owners are using. Today’s episode those very same high income earners are sharing their 7 favorite resources that help them grow their audience and increase their bottom line.

This is from the same invite-only mastermind event hosted by my good friend and business coach Suzanne Evans. Again the only people you’ll be hearing from are those who are earning a minimum of 7-figures in their businesses. And the main focus of their businesses is events.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • One resource that generated a $100k check. (4:30)
  • How opt-outs generate six figures for one business. (6:35)
  • What site creates 300,000 unique views? (8:20)
  • Is the Wingman Coaching team right for your business? (12:30)
  • A site to find the best credit card point deals for your business expenses. (17:30)
  • And so much more!

The first of the nine resources we’ll list here is Crowdfire. While you may have heard of Crowdfire you may not be using it the way this entrepreneur does. He calls it “stupid simple”! Here’s what he does: when someone follows you on twitter Crowdfire sends them a direct message.

In that direct message you can customize it, and his messages all say: “Hi what kind of business do you have? I have a show available every Thursday on iTunes.”

Nearly all of his followers will reply, and as a result he has seen a 20% opt-in conversion rate! He has never see anything like from Twitter before. He recommends using Crowdfire and then have your assistant go back and direct message the person to see if it can lead to something more.

Another interesting resource recommended is an opt-out page. You might think why in the world would an opt-out page do anything for someone’s business? Because he cleverly created an apology video which is on that page. He has also listed resources the person opting out might find useful, they are all affiliate links. From those links alone he makes six figures!

The third resource offered up is The man who owns says he gets 300k unique visitors a month from content on Zergnet. They post content related to their event for a reasonable fee and that content brings people to their site, and eventually to their events.

The fourth resource we’ll list here is This is a resource we use at Life on Fire, and here’s how it works: go to the site and enter a keyword. The site then pulls up all the related posts that have the most likes and shares on social media. With that information under your belt you can curate content that is proven to be viral.

And you can use that information to create content too; when you know what topics have gone viral you can base your own content on that and increase your traffic.

Fifth is another resource we use at Life on Fire and it’s called This is a tool to manage all your social media. With Agora Pulse all of your updates, comments, notifications are in one dashboard. And it’s far more sophisticated than hootsuite or the like.

To make the most of your social media hire one person and train them on Agora Pulse. Their only job is to get to inbox zero! They don’t have to scour all of your platforms, they do it all from Agora Pulse’s dashboard.

Sixth is a site devoted to helping you find credit card loopholes. For example if you spend a lot with Facebook ads consider getting the Citibank double cash back card. The man who shared this bit of advice buys a new piece of real estate every 8 months with the cash back money he generates from his Facebook spending when he uses his Citibank double cash back card!

He also recommends negotiating credit card points into your event contracts. He does so now and scoops up another 100k-200k points every time he signs a contract for an event!

The seventh resource we will touch on is from the same man. He recommends using a particular type of font, Courier, when emailing your list to ask them a question. He swears this works better than anything else he’s tried, but only if you are aiming at the 30-60 year old crowd.

If you are then use Courier font to make the question you ask standout from the rest of your email. When you do there should be a significant increase in your conversations. He says it seems to work so well because it strikes a chord of nostalgia in that particular age group. It reminds people of typewritten letters from their younger days.

But again he only uses it for questions, and when he does he gets a ton of responses. Typically about 750 people write him back when he asks questions using the Courier font, so keep that in mind if you want to boost your response rate from your audience.

Those are just 7 of the resources these top performers recommend, there are plenty more on today’s show! So tune in to hear the rest on episode 187 of Life on Fire.