Hey hey! Welcome to episode 196 of Life on Fire. Have you ever wondered how two people could learn the same thing and one could be super successful with it, and the other not? The difference maker is their vision or lack thereof in the not-successful person.

Today you’re going to find out exactly why vision is such a powerful way to create the life you want. And you’ll be learning it from one of my personal favorites and my dear friend, Dr. Dave Jackson. Dr. Dave is here to talk about the power of purpose, why goals alone don’t work and how to turbocharge your vision of your life.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The bigger the why the easier the what? (4:45)
  • What is pissionate? (19:05)
  • What is one strategy that will truly move you forward? (22:15)
  • How to get your spouse or significant other on board with your entrepreneurial vision. (36:20)
  • Why not to steal someone’s struggles. (54:00)
  • And so much more!

Today Dr. Dave Jackson is an ultra-successful chiropractor helping other chiropractors build thriving practices, and saving thousands of lives in the process. But he went through tremendous challenges and obstacles to get where he is; as he says he has ETR: earned the right to speak and share his message.

The first major challenge he faced was at 16 years of age. He was hit head on by drunk driver and naturally, was put in the hospital. He broke his neck, and had permanent damage to his body. At the time he was a pro skateboarder but he was determined to become an orthopedic surgeon when he went to college. He had broken his arm 5 times during his skateboarding career and his orthopedic surgeon became his hero because he put Dave back together again each time.

However after he was hit by a drunk driver, his surgeon couldn’t fix him. No one could: not numerous surgeries, rehabs, drugs, etc. None of it worked. But Dave’s girlfriend at the time worked for a chiropractor.

However he was a typical kid: he didn’t believe chiropractors were “real doctors” and made fun of her employer. He called his girlfriend’s boss a “chiroquacker” and didn’t lend any credibility to the chiropractor industry.

But eventually he gave in to her continuous suggestions and he saw the chiropractor. As you might have guessed, he was better with one adjustment. He had feeling back in his fingers that were supposed to have permanent nerve damage. On that chiropractor’s table Dave decided he would pursue that career path and become a chiropractor himself.

So he earned his chiropractic education, and opened a practice. He proceeded to fail 9 times with 9 different practices. As he relays on this episode, he failed “hard core”! Two and a half years later, he took his diploma, threw it in the trash bin and lit it on fire! He traded his degree for wrenches and became a mechanic for the next six months.

Another turning point came after those six months however. Although he had no money, no confidence, no self-esteem but agreed to his first blind date. It would prove to be his last. He fell in love with his now-wife that night and they were married five months later. As he describes, they have been in an epic love affair for the last 26 years.

Dr. Dave took his commitment to his wife seriously and committed to succeeding as a chiropractor. On this episode he shares how a simple mindset shift changed everything for him and took him from broke, and numerous bankruptcies to a thriving, 7-figure practice. One day someone asked him what he does for a living. He responded by saying: “I am a chiropractor, I save lives through the power of chiropractic.”

And from that moment on everything shifted for him. He believed in those words, he believed they were true for him and that was all it took. After that everything he touched in his business turned to gold! That is the power of purpose and of living out your why.

On this episode, Dr. Dave explains how to think about purpose and vision, and why thinking about your vision differently may be the key. He also shares why it’s so important to have your purpose, vision and goals in alignment – and he shares a personal story of what happened to him when his were not. It is a powerful story he hasn’t shared more than a few times before today!

You’ll definitely want to hear the lesson he learned from that experience, as well as what he did to generate $128,000 in sales in one night (when he knew nothing about online marketing at the start). Finally he wraps up with an explanation of why a “to be list” is so much more important than a “to do” list.

Dr. Dave is a powerful example of what life can be like when your vision, purpose and goals are in alignment. Listen in and then take action on what you learned – leave a comment below with your top 3 values, values are a critical piece of living a life on fire.