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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 200 of Life on Fire. This is another special edition: straight from our private mastermind is the one and only Dr. Matt Hubbard. Dr. Matt is back to chat with us about one of the fastest ways to create your life on fire: your vision.

On this episode of Life on Fire, he shares techniques to discover and claim your vision and provides tools on how to maintain that vision and your purpose even when times get tough. I couldn’t think of anyone better to deliver this message than Dr. Matt so sit back, tune in and soak it up!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What are the guard rails in your life? (5:00)
  • Why core values make life so much easier. (12:00)
  • Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of what? (26:00)
  • What should you do if your vision hasn’t been realized yet? (36:35)
  • Why you must “weed” your mind every single day. (1:00:10)
  • And so much more!

On today’s show, Dr. Matt begins by explaining why you must know what your energy leaks are and you must address them when claiming your vision. Even if you are going for it and are on point to achieve your goals and your mission, those energy leaks will stop you or thwart you if you don’t address them along the way.

Once your foundation is in order and those leaks are properly addressed, there are typically problems with our internal state that may stop us from achieving our vision. For most of us seeing is believing, yet vision is defined as the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

We are all born with incredible imaginations and from those imaginations come our unique dreams, visions and callings. No one else has the same dream as we do, it’s ours from God. We shouldn’t expect anyone else to understand our dream or our vision because God gave it to us and us alone.

But without imagination, we stop looking at what is possible. We let other people’s opinions and beliefs stop us from envisioning all that could be. So we must invest in understanding and shifting our personal belief systems, doing so will give us the ability to embrace our vision.

Dr. Matt spells out a great exercise to help us embrace our unique vision on today’s show. Take a piece of paper and pen/pencil, set a timer for two minutes and then write down anything and everything you want in your life. Go ahead and do it, then come back.

Now look at how many things you have written down. Do you have less than 10? 10-20? Over 20? Over 30?

Dr. Matt compares your numbers to how well your plumbing is working. If you have less than 10 you (your vision and your mindset) are clogged. If you have over 10 but under 20, your drain is draining slowly. If you have over 20 and under 30, you are okay. If you have more than 30 you are living a life on fire!

This exercise is from one of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s books and is an exercise you should be doing regularly to help expand your imagination, your vision and mindset. It’s a tool to get unstuck.

You can help even more by buying Success magazine, a travel magazine and a great homes magazine. Using pictures is extremely powerful – images get to the subconscious, words do not! So find pictures that speak to what you want and create a vision board or put them up around your house where you will see them regularly.

In fact, you want to see these images every single day. As Dr. Matt explains in this episode, our minds are “slimed” every day and the weeds of negativity are constantly growing there. We’ve got to “unslime” ourselves and pull out the weeds on a daily basis.

Also on episode 200, he explains how to use a core value sheet to find out what really matters to you and why surrounding yourself with people who will call out your blind spots is incredibly important. He brings tremendous value on those topics and so much more – check it out on this edition of Life on Fire!