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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 202 of Life on Fire. Have you ever found yourself not taking action because you weren’t sure on your purpose or because you wanted more clarity? Our guest for today’s show, Calvin Wayman, was in that same boat. But Calvin did something that may seem counterintuitive: he decided to take action to create clarity.

On this edition of Life on Fire, Calvin explains how attending a Life on Fire event and participating in strategy sessions helped him see action was the key to clarity. He applied his unrelenting drive and energy to those actions, which gave him the clarity he had been so hungry for. Listen in to hear how taking action can help you find clarity too.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What door to door selling taught him about connecting. (2:10)
  • How he almost got thrown out of an event! (6:00)
  • Why action leads to clarity, and not always the other way around. (7:05)
  • How he built a successful social media business in less than 8 months. (8:20)
  • Why feeling like a fish out of water is normal when leveling up. (9:30)
  • And so much more!

Calvin was like many of us not long ago; he was working in a good job but a job he didn’t love. He wanted to have his own thing and one day he decided to take a giant leap in that direction: he quit his job.

He had no back up plan, nothing in the works but he did it anyway! As you might have guessed, Calvin is fearless with his actions. He is a great example of someone who runs through wall after wall to make his vision a reality, and he shares what some of those walls were on today’s episode.

After he quit, he was excited for about the first 24 hours! Then reality kicked in, as did fear and anxiety. He was living in Utah at the time with his family, but opted to take a job in southern California knocking on doors to sell solar.

Since he wasn’t sure what his passion was he decided to hone his skills while he figured it out. Door to door sales was a great way to do this because one of his mentors had once told him if he could sell door to door he could do anything!

While in southern California, he heard about Life on Fire and an upcoming LOF event. Calvin had watched me interview Gary Vaynerchuk and also saw that John Lee Dumas was going to be attending. So Calvin signed up, and with his usual gusto, decided to get as much out of the event as he possibly could.

Being at that event didn’t help him get clarity around his purpose or passions, but it did help him get crystal clear about the lifestyle he wanted to live. He created a plan based around that lifestyle, and part of that plan including replacing his door to door sales income.

His next steps were to take action. Even though he was so uncomfortable following those steps, he did it. As we talk about on episode 202, this was key for Calvin and is key for you.

You’re not always going to have clarity about what it is you want to do. But by taking action, you’ll bring greater clarity into your life.

So Calvin got on Periscope, got his first email opt-ins there and then took his Periscope knowledge to get on Huffington Post, and The Social Media Examiner.

Taking all of those steps helped him understand he loves fast-paced and cutting edge subjects, he loves things that are always changing. And what is more changeable and fast-paced then social media? Calvin chose to start a social media business. And even though no one knew him 8 months ago, today he’s running a thriving agency and publishing his first book, Fish Out of Water.

Listen in to this edition of Life on Fire to hear more about why he wrote this book, how it can help you, as well as his offer of a free social media audit!