Hey hey! Welcome to episode 206 of Life on Fire. If you were here for last week’s show you know we have a very special event coming up. If you missed that episode you can listen to the announcement right here.

Today, rather than hear me talk more about why you should join us, you’ll hear testimonials from past attendees on what they loved about the experience. You’ll hear from Chris and Trish, who can’t wait to start building their new lives and a host of others. Listen in to hear what they got out of being at our Life on Fire events, and how other people were transformed by a Life on Fire event.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What is the big, bold claim we are making with this event? (0:30)
  • What is the most expensive real estate on Earth? (4:10)
  • Why this is the place to shift anything in your life. (5:05)
  • How I’ve created the event I’ve always wanted to attend. (6:00)
  • And so much more!

We’re making a big, bold claim with our upcoming Life on Fire this December – we are going to transform your life when you attend! You will walk into our event having one way of being, one way of living your life and you will walk out having been transformed.

But rather than listen to me talk about why you should come, you’re going to listen to past attendees share what they got out of being a part of Life on Fire. You’ll hear directly from people about what shifted for them and who they were a result of showing up and playing full out a Life on Fire event, just like the one coming up in December.

For example, Chris and Trish talk about being Firestarters and how excited they are to start building their new lives together.

Jason shares how grateful he is for the person who gave him a ticket to attend, he hadn’t even planned on going but being there changed everything for him. He loved the speakers, the connections he made and the fantastic participants he became friends with.

Michaela is making her dreams come true after being at a Life on Fire event: she expanded her mind, her network, and her belief in herself. She recommends everyone come and everyone make friends like she did, now she knows she has people in her corner supporting her every step of the way.

Rob was blown away by the speakers he heard too; he only knew three of the people who were going to be on stage but those three and everyone else who spoke were fantastic. He learned something from all of them, and he learned a ton from his fellow attendees.

You’ll hear from a few others on episode 206, the main message you’re going to hear is if you want to shift anything in your life, from business to romance to finances, this is THE place to do it! If you want clarity around your vision and your life’s mission, this is THE place to find it! If you are a doer who wants to change, expand or improve your life, this is THE place to do it!

Listen in to episode 206 of Life on Fire to hear why now is the time to be an action-taker, grab your spot, and be one step closer to living your life on fire!