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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 208 of Life on Fire. Continuing from last week’s episode, today’s guest is here to share his experience of attending a Life on Fire event. Amateo Ra, a business coach for conscious entrepreneurs and spiritually-minded individuals, joins us to talk about how being in the “hot seat” helped him make that final leap to living in his full power and in his full potential.

On this episode, you’ll hear what actually happened during his hot seat moment on stage and the ripple effect that has had not just for his business, but for his clients’ businesses. Check out this episode to hear that ripple, and to find out how a Life on Fire event could change your life, your business and your clients’ businesses too.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • A simple yet proven way to grow your authority and build your tribe.
  • What is the “hot seat” and why is it so effective?
  • How one verbal commitment led to over $250k in sales.
  • How do you know if you should attend a Life on Fire event?
  • And so much more!

Amateo Ra is a business coach for conscious entrepreneurs and spiritually-inspired individuals. He works with those who are looking to make a big impact and income in the world. He’s also a self-professed event junkie! He loves attending events.

So when the Life on Fire Facebook ads found their way across his path, Amateo was intrigued. He had the feeling it would be a great group of people, so he secured his ticket and made sure he was at the event. When he arrived, he found he knew tons of people in the room. In fact, he knew so many people it instantly felt like he was surrounded by family. And today, he remains in touch with many people he met there!

At one point during the event, Nick was talking about using a specific guest blogging strategy to grow your business. He was explaining how to utilize other people’s blogs to get exposure, and build your authority and your tribe that way.

Amateo listened intently. He had done a phenomenal large-scale guest blogging strategy that hasn’t been recreated since, so when his partner at the time told him to raise his hand, he did.

Nick had him come up on stage and Amateo shared on the mic about the articles had written and how they’d gotten shared on a multitude of sites. The shares went from 20,000 to 50,000 to 100,000, etc. A few of the articles even had over a million shares.

Plus, readership was generally 3-10x the amount of shares, so millions and millions of readers were seeing his articles. Amateo shared that one of the blog articles in particular built his email list by something like 8,000 people! It was a massive amount of exposure, and was all done organically.

Amateo shared his story, wanting to inspire and encourage others. When he was done, he sat down and Nick moved on to the next portion of the day: the hot seat.

As fate would have it, Amateo was on Nick’s list for the hot seat so Nick brought him back up to the stage! So he rejoined Nick on stage and magic ensued. Nick understood Amateo’s passion, mission and his approach to things as well as how he does things differently than others.

On that stage and in that moment, Nick inspired Amateo so much that Amateo made the commitment to produce a live event in six months. Amateo says he felt as though he was being called forth as a leader, he had no choice but to step up!

After the event, he knew he had to make good on his promise. He wasn’t going to let Nick down nor anyone else who had been in the room. He knew there was only one way and that was through the experience of doing the event, so less than six months later he had produced his first high end live event!

That event generated over $100k in income with just 25 attendees. Within another eight months, he held his second event which brought in over 60 people and over $150k in sales. In fact, that second live event is still continuing to generate sales today!

Since those events, his tribe has expanded, and he launched a business mastermind group. He’s also doing high end beautiful retreats around the country. On this episode, he shares that he feels like he is living his life purpose on the highest level that he could have imagined!

And it’s continuing to grow in scale. He found his passion for live events and for helping to coach and support others in producing their own live events. He recently helped a client produce a live event with over 100 high-quality women entrepreneurs with world-renowned guest speakers. The experience generated over 100k in sales, mostly paid upfront.

Also on this show, Amateo explains who should attend this event. He says if you are feeling inspired to come or are intrigued even a tiny bit, you should just do it. You don’t know what is going to happen if you do! It could be far beyond your imagination.

Allow Amateo to explain who you can expect to meet at a Life on Fire event, and why you should just get there on episode 208 of Life on Fire!