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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 211 of Life on Fire. Today we have one of the most inspiring and motivating people on the planet: Joseph McClendon III. You may remember him from episode 195, and episode 196 of Life on Fire. He’s Tony Robbins’ top coach who speaks on stages around the globe, and he is a force of nature!

On this episode, Joseph opens up his home to us and gives us a tour. He shares some of his passions, including introducing us to his some of his “children”: his musical instrument collection and his Koi fish!

After checking out his digs, we get down to business and talk about what makes someone successful. He outlines the role the unconscious mind plays in that success, as well as how to overcome your own blocks. He also explains what magnetic success means and what he will be sharing from stage at December’s Life on Fire event.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why having rituals will set you up for success. (8:00)
  • For how many years did Joseph read and re-read Think and Grow Rich? (19:45)
  • How much of a role does the unconscious mind play in success? (21:00)
  • What can you do to overcome unconscious blocks? (22:20)
  • One of Joseph’s techniques to avoid self-sabotage. (28:00)
  • And so much more!

One of the first topics we cover is what he has uncovered about successful people and their mindset. Traditionally people will say success is 80% mindset but he has discovered it is 60% psychology (how we think), 20% mechanics (what we do) and 20% attraction (situation, circumstances).

People who achieve more in less time do so by thinking differently than those who simply dabble or fail. He believes we have to change how we think so our feelings change, and then we can and will have a bigger impact in our own lives and our world at large.

He also has some sound advice to those who are new to personal development: it’s important to understand that your training never stops. Today he still attends seminars, is always training and always learning. He says it is imperative to keep your feet in the river of growth, and to know that it is a lifelong process.

Personally he read and reread Think and Grow Rich from the age of 19 until he was 32! He continued to read it because he got something new from it every time he picked it up. By doing so he was developing the practice of rehearsal.

He explains that personal development means rehearsing whom you wish to become. In the process of rehearsing, you develop into that person. So find some training on specific areas where you want to improve, take the training and start rehearsing!

I also asked him to breakdown the role the unconscious mind plays in success. In his extensive experience, Joseph says it makes up 70% of someone’s success! Because it is so significant he encourages everyone to program it and operate it so it is speaking and thinking things that benefit them. It is a remarkably powerful tool we can all tap into and use for our own good.

Also on today’s episode, he shares the biggest lessons he’s learned from Tony both as a friend and as a businessman. You’ll get to hear what Joseph is bringing to the event in December, including how to be a magnet for the success you want in your life. Watch today’s show to hear all of and so much more on episode 211 of Life on Fire!