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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 213 of Life on Fire. Have you ever considered writing a book? Do you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again about your business? If you said yes to either – or both! – of these questions then today’s guest is your man.

Andy Broadaway is a six-time best-selling author (yes six!) as well as the founder of Abundant Press. He joins us on episode 213 of Life on Fire to talk about the process he uses to help his clients to become best-selling authors, why books are such powerful lead magnets, and simple steps you can take to write your own book even if you aren’t a good write

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why books help close deals. (1:10)
  • How to know what to put in your book. (4:20)
  • Can you still write a book if you aren’t a good writer? (5:50)
  • What strategy do Andy’s clients use to make their books ideal marketing tools? (12:35)
  • Hear how one of his clients beat outranked Deepak Chopra and Mother Theresa on Amazon! (12:15)
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

Andy Broadaway is a book publishing expert, business strategist and amazing connector who joins us for today’s show. Andy got started in book publishing back in 1993 when he opened the doors to Abundant Press. He knew then a simple truth that remains today: books are an incredible way to establish credibility and grow your business.

On this episode he explains why he looks at books as part of your overall long game in business. They are not about making a few dollars upfront, although they can generate revenue. Instead he recommends using your book as a tool to open doors, create connections and grow your audience.

Rather than think of selling your book for as much as possible, think of your book as a way to introduce yourself and your knowledge to your audience, and to do so in a way that helps them solve any problems they are facing.

For example when you meet someone and they ask a question about your business you can give them a copy of your book and tell them it’s in Chapter 3! Doing so changes the conversation and elevates your reputation and your brand.

Andy also shares how he works with his clients including the conversations they have to find out what information should be included in their book. Whether or not you work with Andy, you can use a tip he recommends in today’s show: take the top 18 to 20 questions people regularly ask you about your business and use those as the topics for your book. This is a good way to provide people with information you know they are looking for, and a great way to be seen as an authority in your industry.

He also shares some of his clients’ recent success stories. Lately he and his team have been doing a lot of international best-selling launches.

In particular he recalls working with one client to get her to the top spot in two countries on Amazon; in the process she became #2 most popular author on Amazon! She also beat out Deepak Chopra, Mother Theresa, and other notable names.

One more strategy you can use from Andy’s chat on episode 213 is how to utilize the inside of your book cover. He has all of his clients include a few lines that say: Register this book to get more information, videos, resources, and training materials at (insert web site here). He says you must use a web site dedicated to that one book.

And when people go to that dedicated web site they will be added to your lead funnel system. Be sure you give them some high value content and then lead them to another sale. Doing so helps your book become your ultimate lead magnet!

Check out today’s show for all of that and more with Andy Broadaway of Abundant Press.