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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 215 of Life on Fire. One of the things we talk about on this show is what it means to have a life on fire: it means more than just having a fantastic business, it means enjoying and feeling fulfilled in every area of your life. From creating meaningful friendships to having great health, to feeling spiritually fulfilled to being with the love of your life and having a family together.

Very recently my wife Megan and I were blessed with the first member of our family: our first child, Aiden John Unsworth was born. On episode 215 I share the miraculous experience that was Aiden’s birth and his journey into this world.

Our baby boy was due on January 1st of 2017 – but he couldn’t wait that long, and he arrived six weeks early. There are no words to possibly fully express and capture the emotions running through my body right now, but I had to try by documenting it in this episode!

Aiden is the answer to prayer and the fact that he is super healthy is the answer to even more prayer.

Last Thursday, November 17th, Megan & I were faced with some pretty crazy conversations from the ER Doctors.

Today Aiden is breaking all NICU rules and will be released way ahead of schedule! Instead of coming home on January 1st of 2017, he’s on pace to be released in a few days which would be a month and a week early! #GodStory

It’s weird that I almost feel like a “braggy” parent saying that but phooey to that! He’s a dang miracle who should be acknowledged!

I’ve never felt more love and support in my entire life. It was like everyone was pulling for us and Aiden.

Ooh and this is crazy…

I’m a part of a Christian business brotherhood group called the “Lionchasers”. Dr. Pastor Matt Hubbard reached out via Facetime literally as Megan was in the middle of escalating from 5cm to 10 cm after her water broke.

Yep, definitely an interesting moment to accept a Facetime call!!

However, I knew why he was reaching out: he had the entire group of Lionchasers praying for us as I was helping Megan while she was being crushed by contractions.

I still can’t believe that they Facetimed us at literally the perfect time to cover us with prayer right when she was about to give birth!

From there, they brought us to the operating room and it was on…

I will NEVER forget how calm, cool, and collected Megan was. She had been experiencing contractions on almost no sleep for 36+ hours by now so, so it was like nothing on earth could possibly phase her.

She was as focused as a diamond-cutting laser beam and committed to her goal of a natural “easy and effortless” birth that she prayed out. This was so nuts: Megan (like our son Aiden) broke the operating room rules.

The doctors were accustomed to the screaming and the fact that it would take awhile in there. But Megan grabbed her legs, took deep breaths, and pushed while without releasing her power (breathe). Then 5 – 10 count pushes and 20 minutes is all it took, and baby Uns – aka Aiden John Unsworth – was born :)))))

No pain meds for Megan before or after! The nurses would ask her if she wanted a refill on her pain meds and she would say “no thank you.” They would be so confused and ask why, and she would say: “I’m not taking any.”

I didn’t think I was capable of loving Megan any more deeply but…yep it happened in a big way. I love my God even more for all the answered prayers. And I love my wife even more for being such an incredible mom & wife. And I just freaking love my little man Aiden John Unsworth! So grateful!

Thank you for being a part of our family and our lives; and thank you for all of your prayers and support…it mattered…a lot.