Hey hey! Welcome to episode 217 of Life on Fire. Today another awesome guest is joining us, Mark Divine. You may have heard Mark before, but on this episode he shares stories he’s never shared on this show!

If you don’t know Mark he is one of the most decorated navy seals of our time; he graduated #1 in his buds class (that is the class you must graduate from in order to become a SEAL). He has also trained hundreds of navy SEALS, and as a result he has learned so much about achieving ultimate performance in every area of life.

On this episode of Life on Fire, Mark shares some of those lessons including a breathing technique to calm your body and sharpen your mind in any situation as well as some amazing visualization exercises he has used for himself and his trainees. Listen in for all of that and more on episode 217 of Life on Fire!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why it all starts with the body. (4:50)
  • What is the only limitation there is? (27:30)
  • How his intuition literally saved his life. (40:40)
  • What are weak thoughts? (54:00)
  • Why what’s going on inside is what makes the difference between winning and quitting. (1:05:10)
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

On this show Mark jumps right in and explains some specific strategies you can use to take control of your body, your mind and your spirit to develop your full self.

The first one is your why. Mark says you must wake up to your why. What is it you are meant to do with yourself and your life? Find it and develop your personal ethos around it. Your personal ethos is based on three things: your purpose, your passion and your principles.

If you truly want to succeed in life, you have to know why you are doing something; what is it that you alone can do on this planet? Each of us has a unique brilliance to contribute to the world. And your why is that unique thing you can contribute.

Take time to figure out your why because that is the thing that will pull you through any obstacles, challenges and doubts you encounter along the way. To illustrate this point, Mark shares a story of how a group of SEALs rescued Army Rangers in Somalia, against seemingly insurmountable odds.

The second strategy is to build your foundation. To truly build a solid foundation you must fuel yourself properly for performance. You eat when you need to eat, not when convention dictates. If you need to graze throughout the day rather than stuff yourself with three meals then graze.

But your foundation is not just fueled by food, it also fueled by air and water. Drinking water throughout your day is critical as is breathing. Breathing properly is key to optimizing your physical and mental health, which Mark explains on this episode. He also walks you through a proper breathing exercise that will give your mind more clarity and will bring more energy to your body.

The third strategy is to up level your training. He explains you must train physically, in some form every day. And you must do so deliberately, with a focus on every area of your life including the mental, the spiritual, the intuitional, the physical and the emotional.

Finally, his fourth strategy is what he calls the grow up and clean up strategy. This means you take full and complete responsibility for the growth of your character and your consciousness. You do so through trainings, preferably integrative and immersive ones. These types of trainings, like Mark’s Seal Fit and Unbeatable Mind programs, are the most effective at accelerating your growth.

This step also includes becoming aware of your thoughts and your stories, listening to your mind to see what serves you and what doesn’t. You clear out what doesn’t, and focus on what does and strengthen the positive.

Those four strategies dovetail into Mark’s big four skills which he also breaks down on this episode. You’ll hear the details behind breath control, including the breathing technique to calm your body and stimulate your mind, positivity, imagination/visualization and focus.

Mark really brings some amazing insights and tools to the table so tune in to hear all of them! And then let me in the comments below what your biggest insight and takeaways were from Mark on episode 217 of Life on Fire!