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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 220 of Life on Fire. Today’s guest is someone you should listen to not because of the size of his bank account or the success of his businesses, but because he is a walking, talking, living example of a Life on Fire.

Dr. Matt Hubbard is my friend and mentor and one of the greatest teachers I know. He made an extra special appearance at our recent Life on Fire event. This episode is all about how to stretch yourself and expand your vision to have the greatest impact on the world. You’ll hear Dr. Matt walk you through a two-minute exercise to see how big your goals and dreams are, and then he explains how to grow them even bigger.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What happens when your purpose is bigger than your problems? (5:00)
  • What is a buzzkill and how do you know if you have one in your life? (10:30)
  • A two-minute exercise to expand your vision. (18:00)
  • Why you should regularly book time to just think. (27:20)
  • The power of the pack is in who, and why does it matter? (46:50)
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

One of the first things Dr. Matt explains is why you must have a solid philosophy for why you do what you do, and how having that philosophy is what will get you through the difficult times.

Another critical factor to getting through the challenges is to have a mastermind group and accountability partners who will cause you to grow. They’ll also help you avoid listening to the buzzkillers in your life. Those buzzkillers could be anyone from a parent to society at large. Our culture is not one that tells us to dream big and will strip your passion from you if you don’t take precautions.

For those reasons it’s especially important that you are particular about the people closest to you, they have the greatest impact on every area of your life from your bank account to your health to your love life.

To check in and see where you are in terms of vision and dreams, Dr. Matt walks you through a two minute exercise. Set a timer for two minutes and write down anything you want to be, do or have in your life. This could be anything from the kind of work you want to do to the homes you want to have to the trips you want to take to the kind of health and family you most desire.

See how many things you can write down in a two minute timeframe, and then check listen to today’s show to see how you faired.

The reason for this exercise, as Dr. Matt explains, is that we have to see something first before we can achieve it. We have to see ourselves with the happy marriage, the dream family, the ideal home and fabulous vacations before we can create them.

Dream boards/vision boards can help you with this as can writing down your dream list. It’s helpful to get magazines and other images to inspire you and help you think and dream big.

Wanting to reach for these things is not about having them, but about who you need to be to achieve them, who you need to serve and how can serve humanity. If you provide great service then someone will pay for it because you add value to their life and they’ll add money to your bottom line.

Also on today’s episode, Dr. Matt explains why he sets aside time to simply think about his life: his businesses, his marriage, his children, his legacy, etc. You’ve got to allow yourself to simply think, and take some time away from the “grind” or the grind will grind you straight to your grave.

He also explains why he became a chiropractor, why accountability has been so critical to his success as well as a candid sharing of the income he’s made from his first year after chiropractic school to 2016.

You’ll learn all of that and see an amazing clip from an inspiring movie too! Check it out on episode 220 of Life on Fire and then leave a comment below letting us know what you are committed to doing going forward!