Hey hey! Welcome to episode 221 of Life on Fire. We’ve got another very special guest for you on this show: Sabastian Huynh is an amazing man who has gone through some incredible transformational experiences in his life!

Today he’s taking what he has learned from those transformations and helping others set their lives on fire. Sabastian is in charge of our coaching program at Life on Fire and he has changed the game for our coaches and for our clients. Right now you’re only accessing 70% of our capabilities, he helps pull out that last additional 30% of your human potential.

And you’re about to see it in action! Tune in for a discussion on the three ingredients to rapid growth, tips for identifying and clarifying your vision as well as the three things that make a declaration and the three that don’t. All of that and more on episode 221 of Life on Fire!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why if you are always in integrity your vision is too small. (4:00)
  • A vision versus a safe goal: how do you know which one you have? (7:50)
  • Why to remove money from the equation when envisioning your dreams. (13:45)
  • Must you be in tune with your emotions to create a powerful life? (32:05)
  • The importance of daily requests when you are creating a big vision. (48:30)
  • And so much more!

More About This Show

Sabastian kicks off this episode by listing the three ingredients to rapid growth: integrity, visibility and accountability.

He explains that integrity is not just your word but how to keep your word after you’ve given it. It’s important to understand this distinction because if you are playing a big game you’re going to be out of integrity often. As you build momentum and your life grows, circumstances will blow up your word and you’ll have to renegotiate it.

Which leads to visibility. How visible is your word? How many people know you’ve given your word to your vision and what your vision is? Allowing people to see and know what you are up to is important because it ties into the third piece: accountability.

Accountability is when you give your permission to certain people to hold you to account. This could be a coach, a mastermind group, a business partner, your team, etc. Accountability is the final piece of rapid growth, when you have it in place along with integrity and visibility, you are much more likely to achieve your goals and vision.

He also has three tips to identify and clarify your vision.

The first is your vision has to be free with no judgment. You should have freedom when you create it and go after it.

The second tip is to have an emotional connection to the vision. You know you have an emotional connection when there’s a significant pain involved in not reaching and achieving your vision. If you don’t get emotional, then it’s just a safe goal.

And the final tip is that your vision must impact you, others and the world. Your vision should be big enough to impact you, your immediate family, your community and then the world. As you live out your vision it ripples beyond you, beyond your family, beyond your community and out into the great big world.

Sabastian also reminds you that you don’t need to know the how. Rather you can and should create as you go, when obstacles show up you simply go above them and/or  around them. As entrepreneurs, we are leading the way when we do this and it’s our duty to step up to the plate and stop being afraid of how something will get done. The how doesn’t matter, the intent you have does.

Tying into the how piece of the puzzle is Sabastian’s three components of a declaration, three things that make a declaration real.

The first is that something is going to happen because YOU said so. That something

wasn’t going to happen until you said it was going to happen, and now that you’ve said it it will become real.

The second piece of a declaration is that it is inspiring and it stretches you outside your comfort zone.

And thirdly, a declaration accomplishes the extraordinary. It does not go after the ordinary, it sets out and achieve the extraordinary.

He also gives the three things you don’t need for a declaration: evidence, agreement and authority. He explains why you don’t need any of these on this episode, and he has people share what has happened for them when they’ve put all of this into play in their lives.

You’ll also find out why entrepreneurs need to be weird, why leading with giving leads to greater success and why the Life on Fire family shares their monthly wins with each other. See it all on episode 221 of Life on Fire!