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Learn our Podcasting Launch Strategy in this “Fast Action Friday” episode of Life on Fire TV with Business Coach and CEO of Life on Fire, Nick Unsworth!

The first 8 weeks of your podcast launch are CRITICAL!

This is when you have the opportunity to be featured in the top of iTunes charts for “New & Noteworthy” podcasts!

But, there are some things you’ll need to prepare in advance to make sure your launch is a success…

First, logistical decisions such as the format of your show, the number of episodes per week you’ll have, and the look of your logo artwork need to be made.

Next, plan to launch with a least 5 completed episodes right out of the gate so that new subscribers get the maximum number of episodes downloaded to them.

Next, make sure you have additional episodes recorded and ready to release immediately after your podcast gets approved by iTunes.

The two biggest mistakes to avoid are having very good sound quality and making sure you are extremely consistent in your format – same days of the week and same time, every single week. (It is not recommended to have less than one episode per week.)

And, don’t forget to have fun with it! One of the most important factors of a show’s success is whether it’s entertaining and interesting to list to!

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