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Wondering what the key is to driving your videos up the ranks in YouTube? Bryan Dulaney’s got the answer, and he’s walking us through his proven 13-step process today.

Step 1 is keyword research. Under 20,000 searches per month and under 600 searches per day is the sweet spot!

Next is making your video educational and informative, and giving a clear call to action (what to do next).

From there, it’s optimization… Optimize your file name, title, description, then choose your category and optimize your tags. Make sure you use a custom thumbnail, call to action overlays help, and then you’re on to getting views.

Implementing a press release system helps “blast” your video out to the masses.

By the end of day 1, it is ideal to have 50-70 unique Twitter tweets about your video, 50-70 Facebook likes, and 50-70 Google+ shares.

Also, having 200-300 Facebook recommendations on your press release within the first few days is crucial as well as 200-400 Facebook likes (US-based if you’re in the US).

You want at least 30 video comments within 24-48 hours and 50 video likes on YouTube.

Rapidly getting at least 5,000 or so views is a major milestone you want to hit quickly.

Next, is gaining 50-65 YouTube subscribers.

Often overlooked is the “thumbs up” on YouTube. 50-70 people who have searched and “thumbs up’d” your video adds to boost your video.

On day 2, you want to get 20-30 additional visits and likes to your press release.

By day 3, you need to have 700-900 social bookmarks to your press release + RSS + ping your press release.

Next, you want 15-25 real Twitter accounts with at least 100,000 followers to tweet your press release and 80-100 “do follow” social bookmarks.

To add additional value, keep the process going with as many views, likes, and comments as possible in addition to watching other people’s YouTube videos on the account you set up and make real comments on other videos.

Finally, you want to continue to add additional videos to your channel, link to the video from as many high-quality places as possible at a steady pace, and embed the video in as many places as you can (as long as the site permits) and reply to comments as they come in.

As you can see, Bryan and his team have been “mad scientists” when it comes to secretly perfecting this system!

Start getting some YouTube love today!

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