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We are joined today by an amazing young woman and up-and-coming entrepreneur, a member of our Life on Fire mentorship program, Erika Tischofer!

At a very young age, and for nearly her entire life, Erika has had challenge after challenge thrown her way as a foster child, having lived in over 30 different homes, having been adopted and then later having to support herself working 14 hours a day while attending high school.

Most of us think we have challenges and adverse situations thrown our way, but when put in perspective, most of us have never had to overcome the types of challenges that Erika has grown through.

What’s most amazing about her story is not necessarily the challenges she’s faced, but how she’s responded to them. Erika is currently attending San Diego State University on a full scholarship and pursuing her goals as an entrepreneur.

She could have easily use her story as an excuse to hold her back. But, instead, she has used it as fuel to motivate her to excel.

Having to support herself at age 16 made her quickly realize that she didn’t want to live simply to have to work and therefore miss out on the experiences of life along the way.

And, beyond her own dreams, Erika’s passion lies in wanting to help support foster children, to be someone they can turn to, and to provide them with a better experience in the foster system than she had.

Erika’s first step into entrepreneurialism, as part of her mentorship program, is going to be to dive into Pinterest, immerse herself in the platform and the training, and become an expert in Pinterest marketing.

We can’t wait to share her updates with you!

Erika, you are a remarkable young woman.

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