Today we cover a topic that’s outside the scope of business and marketing, but very much affects your life and therefore how you show up in business…


It is our belief that you can’t truly live a life on fire, unless you also have love on fire!

When you’re deeply in love with someone who completes and complements you well, and you feel and receive the same in return, it makes you stronger. It makes you capable of handling more and doing more.

It also frees up the mental energy you may otherwise expel on trying to find love or your frustrations over not having a mate to allow you to focus that energy and thought power on other areas.

One of the things that can immediately make your relationship stronger if you’re in one, and can help you attract your ideal love if you’re not, is to love yourself first. Once you fully love yourself that then allows you to give your best to someone else.

And, cherish your “story” of how you met your mate. All relationships have a story, such as how Nick and Megan met online, discovered they had dozens of mutual friends, found out they share similar religious beliefs and many, many other things in common.

Make those positives the focus of your relationship.

It doesn’t matter what area of life it is, you get more of what you think about.

If you think you only attract people who treat your poorly or who don’t love you in the way you feel you deserve, then your mind is subconsciously being programmed to find that and give it to you.

Conversely, if you focus on all of the things you love about the person you’re with, the things they do to make you happy, the reasons you fell in love with them, the wonderful things you’ve discovered about them and what you can do to make them happy, that is the key to a life-long love.

So, if you’re in a relationship, are there things you could do to enrich and deepen your love with your partner? Start today by doing something amazing for your mate, something that makes the person you love happy and feel special.

And, if not, are there things you could do to make yourself more prepared to receive love, and are you focused on the positive, of the abundance of love that’s out there ready for you (and avoiding having a scarcity or “lack of love” mindset)?

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