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Host of the podcast, the Competitive Edge, Scott Britton, is here today to teach us how he uncovers and gains the competitive edge in business and in life.

Scott’s story starts with being a collegiate level football player and sustaining a major injury his freshman year that permanently affected his performance. However, that same injury also helped him gain an incredibly powerful life lesson.

For 12 months Scott was completely devoted to doing his rehab exercises and not missing a single repetition. And, for him, what that created was a regret-free process. He was at peace with possibly not being as strong or as fast as he was prior to his injury, because he knew that he had done everything he could.

Scott carries that lesson with him today into his business and applies his “no regrets” work ethic and mindset.

When it comes to marketing, Scott again pulls from his teachings in college football where he learned to gain a competitive edge. For him, in business, his competitive edge is copywriting.

Nothing is sold without communication. So, why not be a master communicator?

Diving further into marketing, Scott’s approach is to reverse engineer success by figuring out what others have done before him.

For instance, when it came to creating his podcast, his focus was on distribution, and specifically on iTunes since iTunes is the single largest traffic source for podcast listeners.

From there Scott addressed how to get his podcast guest to promote their episode when they were featured on his show. One idea he came up with was to just ask his guest to mention the episode in a “P.S.” of an email, rather than asking them to dedicate a full email to their list about it.

His other insight was coming at it from the angle of, “How do I make these episodes more valuable for my guests?” His solution was to create a process that allowed his guests to essentially showcase their value, which they would naturally, in turn, want to share with their audience.


At the end of the day, it’s all about adding value to anyone you’re interacting with. It doesn’t matter if it’s a potential podcast guest, a customer or prospect, or a spouse or loved one, approaching the situation with a value-add mindset set you up for success.

Did this episode inspire you to go find your competitive edge? If so, leave a comment below and tell us what has you fired up!


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