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Host of the podcast, the Competitive Edge, Scott Britton, is back to teach us some of the secrets he uses to connect with highly influential people that are usually impossible to reach!

First and foremost, when looking at how to connect with influencers, Scott encourages you to recognize that influential people are busy and they often have a ton of people asking for their time.

So, you have to meet them in a place where they aren’t getting bombarded by others, such as messaging them on Instagram, as an example.

Another great approach is to look at your knowledge, experience, and skill set and come up with ways you can add value for that person, even before you ever speak to them.

For instance, we’ve had clients who have graphic design skills introduce themselves to high-level influencers by creating new social media cover images (for free) and giving them to the person.

Scott saids, “The fastest way you can get where you’re trying to go is through people.” That could be mentorship, coaching, networking connections, referrals to clients, you name it!

Scott’s words are a great reminder that the more relationships you have, and the more you give, the faster your connections and your business will grow!

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