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Joining us today is Life on Fire Elite-level coaching client and network marketer, Jeremy Batt, to share his story of corporate financial success, financial rock bottom, and his rise to 6-figures in network marketing!

Many people who desire success assume the path to achieve it is a straight line. However, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth for virtually all entrepreneurs.

Jeremy got his start working up the corporate latter to the point that he was making good money, but the work and the long hours were making him completely miserable.

One day something snapped in him, and he knew he needed to make a change.

His first step was buying a gym. He loved the work, the hours were still long, but, unfortunately, the financial prosperity wasn’t there. So, in some senses he went from bad to worse.

It was right around that time that Jeremy was introduced to network marketing. Like many, he was skeptical at first. However, when he started using the product himself, others were interested in buying it and using it, and it was actually helping people, that was what told him he was headed in the right direction.

Having confidence in the value he was providing is what allowed him to get behind the product.

From there it was about building and growing.

Jeremy’s big takeaway with how he’s grown is that he tries to meet people where they are.

If someone isn’t interested in building a network marketing business, but they are interested in being healthy and getting in better shape, then that’s conversation he has.

Conversely, if someone is interested in making a little extra money, or a lot of extra money, then THAT’S the conversation he has. Therefore, he avoids ending up in the conversions that many network marketers find themselves in where they are trying to push something on someone that they don’t want.

One great issue Jeremy tackles is how do you deal with the “no’s” and rejection that comes along with being an entrepreneur?

For him, the solution was adopting the mindset that they value he brings and the solutions he offers, they aren’t about him. It’s about helping other people and realizing that not every person you approach is going to want or see a need for your solution.

The big takeaway there is reframing how you feel about getting a “no”. You have a choice of how you want to let that affect you, and Jeremy has figured out how to look at it perfectly.

And, one of the last great nuggets Jeremy leaves us with is a reminder to remain humble and to give to others, whether that be with your time, your talents, money, whatever you can.

Great stuff, Jeremy!

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