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You can’t truly live a life on fire without love. And, in this episode, I’m taking my love to the next level when I get down on one knee and propose to my amazing girlfriend!

If you’ve ever proposed to someone before, then you know how much excitement and anticipation there is leading up to it.

Imagine having the biggest secret of your life that you couldn’t wait to tell EVERYONE who you care about, knowing how excited and happy they are going to be for you when they hear it, and you can’t tell hardly anyone for fear of ruining the surprise!

Yeah, it’s about like that!

As you see, she said “YES”, and we both couldn’t be happier!

We are honored to share this special day of our lives with you.

But, more importantly, I hope this episode inspires you to do something nice for that special person you love, and if you haven’t found that person yet, then I encourage you to get out there and find that someone!

Thank you for watching and for all of the kind wishes we’ve received!

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