Hey hey! Welcome to episode 158 of Life on Fire. There’s a new frontier in online marketing that every business owner should be using: webcasts. To explain what they are and why you should be using them is the de facto expert on this topic: my good friend and former guest of the show Mr. Mike Koenigs.

On this episode Mike and I are talking about the opportunity webcasts provide for differentiation in your market, why webcasts are the best way to reach a massive audience, and the three commandments of webcasting.

As you’re tuning in pay attention to those topics but also pay close attention to the way we present this webcast: examine the flow of it, what we share, when we share it and how we share it. I want you to notice those things so when you do your first webcast you can follow in our footsteps and be successful!

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What is the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs right now and how does webcasting resolve it? (5:40)
  • The three commandments of webcasts. (40:30)
  • What makes you 27% more likable? (44:50)
  • How and where to start if you don’t have a product or a list. (1:13:00)
  • The moment that turned everything around for Mike. (1:19:50)
  • And so much more!


When I asked Mike what he saw as the greatest challenge for entrepreneurs and business owners right now he said it’s standing out, generating and keeping an audience’s attention and deepening that relationship. In other words the biggest pain point for many of us is finding and growing a rabid fan base.

One of the easiest ways to solve that pain point is webcasts. Webcasts provide a place for you to connect with your audience, find out what they are struggling with and provide solutions to that struggle.

When you become the person who helps them you deepen that connection and grow your relationship with them. And who do you think they’re going to be talking about? YOU! So with webcasts you are finding, growing and creating connections with your audience.

With webcasts you’re also creating content you can repurpose into other videos, or books or audio podcasts. Now you’re providing even more value to your audience making it easier for them to know, like and trust you.

And there’s a big big market for them. Over 70% of the human race is engaged online, usually with multiple devices. Obviously webcasts are online and they plug you directly into that 70%.

Also webcasts give you the platform to know who your audience is, how to speak to them, what they love or hate and how they communicate. By asking questions and listening to what they ask during your webcasts, and how they ask it you’ll know them on a deeper level so that you can have that rabid fan base and audience.

Now that you know why you should consider webcasts, let’s look at Mike’s three commandments of webcasting.

1. Get People to Sign Up.

Sounds simple right? It is simple but not necessarily easy. If you correctly advertise and market your webcast it becomes easier. For example if you are talking health consider a headline like 5 Ways to Boost Your Energy.

Giving specific benefits about the content you’ll cover in your webcast makes it easier for people to want to sign up.

2. Get People to Show Up and Engage.

The real secret here is to be friendly! Smile when you’re on camera, use the most powerful word in the English language: YOU. Doing both of those things will make a huge difference in your audience participation levels.

3. Get Them to Take The Next Step.

Basically start with the end in mind. Do you want them to buy a product at the end of the webcast? Then seed the sale by talking about what they want and the outcome they’ll get from buying your product.

The second secret to commandment three is to present social proof, such as testimonials. You’re showing people others like your product, trust it and have benefitted form using it. This is one of the most powerful forms of marketing there is.

And the third secret to this commandment is to use the phrase “so that you can”. This phrase tells people what they will get from taking the action you want them to take.

Those are your three commandments to webcasts. On today’s show Mike and I also talk about when and how to use irresistible bonuses, the order of importance for the social media outlets today. Plus we bring in a very a special guest who shares his experience hearing Mike at a recent Life on Fire event and how doing so changed his life. It’s all here on episode 158 of Life on Fire!


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