Hey hey! Welcome to episode 194 of Life on Fire. Today we have another special guest for you, Joseph McClendon III. Don’t know who he is? He’s the top trainer and coach for Tony Robbins. Joseph is also an international motivational speaker who has graced the stage in over 30 countries, while running 6 businesses that gross over 42 million in revenue.

I first saw him at one of Tony’s Unleash The Power Within events and through connections was able to bring him to a private group of 50 entrepreneurs. On episode 194 of Life on Fire you’ll hear part one of the talk he gave. He dives into the power of impacting others with your unique voice, whether it’s the person who takes care of your dry cleaning or an audience of 50,000. This is a powerful episode so focus in on his message and let it change your life.

In this episode you’ll hear:


  • What was the turning point in Joseph’s life, and what booked helped him? (12:50)
  • A species is defined by what? (26:30)
  • Is there a difference between presenting and speaking? (37:15)
  • What does your voice allow you to do? (38:50)
  • Why is knowing something only 10% of the equation? (41:10)
  • And so much more!

On this episode Joseph shares his back story and how one stranger’s gift of the book Think and Grow Rich changed the course of his life. Joseph goes into the full details, but to quickly summarize he had been beaten very badly by a group of men because he is African-American. That experience started a downward spiral that landed Joseph on the streets, homeless.

One day a stranger gave him the book Think and Grow Rich. Joseph had already decided his life was going to change, and he was determined to make that change no matter what. The book found him at the perfect time.

When he later tracked down the stranger who had given him the book, Joseph asked what he could do to repay the person. Their only request was that he dedicate his life to helping others, and paying it forward. Joseph took that request to heart and his journey to who he is today began. He went to college and learned neurolinguistics. In college he was taught his patients would need to work with him for 3-7 years before they were better.

That seemed like far too much time to Joseph so he set out on a quest to learn to help people faster; that’s exactly what he learned how to do.

One of the ways he does so today is by helping people understand his organizing principles. There are two on today’s episode. The first principle is: any time you are interacting with one or more persons you have the unique privilege and opportunity to impact their lives for the greater good and help them.

Whether it’s 1 person or 1000 people, or in person, or online, or in webinars, or from the stage, we always have the opportunity and the privilege to impact others’ lives. And that is an awesome position to be in, especially as entrepreneurs and business owners. We have a message, a product or an opportunity to change others’ lives. And people are looking for what we have! People want to be helped, they want to be impacted.

This is true any time you interact with anyone: someone who parks your car, or attends your webinar, or hears you speak from stage.

What’s also true is that our own voices, our stories and our experiences become our tools, those things are how we stand out and how we can best make an impact. It’s also about how we use our voices – our enthusiasm and passion in conveying our messages.

Joseph makes a point of distinguishing between presenting and speaking. He defines speaking as the practice of impacting people with your words.

Presenting, on the other hand, is the art of empowering people with your words, your thoughts, your energy, your psychology and your physiology. And impacting them to the point that they take action and do something. Whatever it is you are presenting to them they bring it into fruition. You cause them to buy your products and do something.

Otherwise if you’re just speaking you’re merely giving them words. With just words they will fall back on their programming. And this is where so many of us lose sales because most people’s programming when it comes to sales is ‘’m going to wait, or I’m not sure, or this person is trying to sell me something, etc. But if you present to people you help them move beyond these thoughts and programming and into action.

Also on this episode of Life on Fire you’ll hear Joseph’s second principle (and it’s a great one!) as well as what prosequences are versus consequences. Listen in to hear his empowering, and impactful message so you can create your own Life on Fire.