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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 164 of Life on Fire. Returning for a very special edition of the show is our friend Dr. Matt Hubbard.

You’ll remember Dr. Matt from episode 151 on the Wizard Academy. Today he joins us to give a tour of his home and to talk about core values, purpose, and his keys to staying positive and attracting the right clients. 

One of the reasons I brought Dr. Matt back to the show is how positive he is and what an inspiration he is for me. From business to family to faith he is a man I emulate, a man whose footsteps I want to follow in. He truly lives a life on fire and we’re diving deeper into how he does that on this show.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What does living a life on fire mean to him? (14:50)
  • Iron sharpens iron – what that means for life and business. (19:05)
  • If you’re burned out what does it mean about your clients? (28:20) 
  • What is PTC and how can it help you? (29:35)
  • Two health tips from Dr. Matt you can implement now. (40:30)
  • And so much more!

In this episode Dr. Matt and I cover many topics from what he believes it means to live a life on fire, to finding your core values and their connection to your purpose and how to flip your scarcity mindset into one of abundance.

For Dr. Matt living a life on fire means living passionately and purposefully while being congruent. He loves to be around people who are living this way: what they do, what they say and what their lives are focused on are all in alignment. When those things are happening only greatness can follow!

But what if you don’t know what your purpose is? How can you start asking questions to uncover it? First you must start with your core values. You have to know what they are and often they lead to your purpose. Whatever your purpose is it must be congruent with your core values. So first find your core values – there’s an exercise in the Resources section below from Dr. Matt – and then start your quest for your purpose.

Dr. Matt has tied his core values and purpose into his career. He is a chiropractor by trade but calls himself a “hope dealer”. He speaks hope, life and love into people. Chiropractic just happens to be the vehicle that allows him to do so, it is his instrument.

He also shares how he works only with his ideal clients, and he gives specific examples on how to attract yours to your business. When you’re clear on your core values, your purpose and your ideal client they will knock on your door!

But if you’re not working with your ideal clients right now there could be two reasons: one you are trying to help people who don’t actually want to be helped (this is common for big-hearted people who want to serve) or you’re locked into a scarcity mindset and believe you must have those clients, no matter how awful it is to work with them, because you need the money.

The truth is a scarcity mindset is rampant, it wouldn’t be uncommon for you to feel this way. But Dr. Matt has some tricks up his sleeve to help you overcome this with patience and practice. As he says in this episode he didn’t learn Spanish overnight so don’t expect to be a master at flipping your mindset overnight either!

But one of his favorite tools for changing your mindset to one of abundance is called PTC or present time consciousness.

PTC is the act of setting aside two minutes to check in with yourself. Set a timer for two minutes and ask yourself what were you just thinking about? Were there some negative thoughts? Probably if you’re like most people you were not on a positive train.

Instead of following the negative thoughts go to a place of love and harmony. You can do so by saying the word “love” out loud til the two minute timer goes off. Do this at random throughout your day to boost your mood and your mindset.

That’s just one of the many tools Dr. Matt gives on this show. He also shares how he uses music to get out of a funk, and what he’ll be speaking about at Ignite January 2016. Tune in and check it out on episode 164 of Life on Fire!