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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 204 of Life on Fire. The power of vision and purpose is something we’ve talked about before but on today’s show I’m sharing one of my favorite client’s stories that really illustrates what happens when you embody your vision.

Tracy Sekhon is one of my favorite clients and her story will inspire you to go from pushing to make things happen in your life, to allowing yourself to be pulled forward by something bigger than you. Tracy has found her calling and is living it. Listen in and follow the technique outlined on episode 204 of Life on Fire and you can too!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What the 3 S’s are and how they changed Tracy’s life. (2:10)
  • How to find your personal stance: the questions to answer. (4:05)
  • Why fear is a normal response to finding your purpose! (6:35)
  • How to turn fear into motivation. (8:40)
  • The power of stepping forward in faith. (10:50)
  • And so much more!

When I first met Tracy she had signed up for one on one coaching at a Life on Fire event. She came to us because she wanted to grow her insurance brokerage; she’s very good at what she does and wanted to help even more people.

But as we sat down and I listened to her story, we dug into something even bigger and deeper than her brokerage. To do this, we started with my 3 S’s: story, stance then strategy. First, she shared her back story with me, then I helped her find her stance in the world and then we implemented a strategy to make that stance and vision a reality.

As she shared her background story, I could see the mission and drive she has in her life. And when she talked about her son and his autism diagnosis, her passion really shined through. She shared how his autism and his treatment became her greatest mission in life: she was determined to find a better way to treat and help him because she was unhappy with what was available to her as a mom.

Through her own research, legwork and determination, she created her own formula to treat her son and she radically changed his life for the better. His autism barely registered on the autistic-spectrum, something that rarely happens.

I could see how much fire and passion she had about helping autism so when we got into the second S of stance, I asked what makes her angry and what really ticks her off.

She quickly realized her stand is to make a difference in the lives of autistic children.

Next we talked about strategy. I asked her if she won $100 billion in the lottery what she would do with her life. I told her to assume she had traveled, given to different organizations, etc. I asked her what would light her up? What legacy would she want to build and leave behind?

Then it became crystal clear: she saw it! She knew she wanted to devote her life to beating autism, she wanted to build a treatment center. Her vision and purpose are one: to help as many people with autism as possible.

Like most people, Tracy became afraid when I asked her what would happen if she made that treatment center vision a reality. But with guidance, she declared publicly she would build her treatment center vision! Today is she has faith in her vision and takes the necessary steps as they unfold for her.

She also has written herself a letter of what it will feel like when the treatment is built and is a thriving center for people with autism. Every day she reads that letter to herself and it pulls her forward through her fears and into action.

If you want to feel that same clarity and that same pull towards your vision, I have created a free training for you that is linked below in the Resources section. Use it to find your purpose and vision, take action and turn your fear into motivation. Listen in to hear that and more on episode 204 of Life on Fire!