Business Coach, Nick Unsworth, CEO of the business coaching company Life on Fire brings you another Pay it Forward Friday!

This week EVERYONE else is paying it forward! All kinds of friends and members of the Life on Fire community are telling their Pay it Forward Friday stories, and one person even surprises Nick himself by paying it forward to HIM!

This marks our 8th week in a row of getting out there, doing something nice, and inspiring others with Pay it Forward Friday and we can’t wait for many, many more!

We’re getting reports back from people who have watched saying how they now seem to see great opportunities to help someone else or put a smile on another person’s face everywhere they turn!

The world gives us plenty of opportunity to make a difference and impact another person’s life!

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Here’s a small “pay it forward” for you…

This week’s Life on Fire TV was all about how to get more likes on your Facebook page. Check out the video below and start building your authority and getting more likes on your business page!


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