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Back on the beach, we’re testing the Starbucks gift card Pay it Forward Friday, again! Only this time, it’s Nick’s girlfriend (now wife) who’ll be giving out the gift cards!

Top Performance Coach, Nick Unsworth, CEO of the business coaching company Life on Fire and host of the podcast, Life on Fire TV – Entrepreneurs Living the Dream, is on a mission to inspire acts of kindness in us all!

Giving someone a gift isn’t always easy.

Let’s see if it’s any easier for Megan to get people to accept a gift than it was for Nick!

Who can you make happy today with a small act of kindness? Let us know!


Watch the very first Pay it Forward Friday when Nick tried to give out Starbucks gift cards on the boardwalk by clicking the link below! It’s hilarious!

Watch “Starbucks Anyone?” HERE!

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