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Oksana Shulepa-Ostrovsky of is here today to share her mother’s story and remind us how vitality important it is to address and take care of our health and to cherish our loved ones.

The lost of someone close to you or even a traumatic, or life-threatening, experience often has to occur for most of us to look up, snap out of our daily lives, and realign our focus and attention on the things that sincerely matter and are truly priceless to us.

And, when an event like that happens, the funds aren’t always there to pay for the level of care or treatment that is needed.

A solution to that problem is creating a fundraiser through the site,, which is exactly what Oksana did for her mother who was diagnosed, at age 53, with stage 3 ovarian cancer.

Her mother has receive chemo treatments, which aren’t working.

Raising funds to fight her cancer naturally and out-of-pocket is her only option left.

It’s not every day that you’re asked to help save a life.

Today is your opportunity to help a mother beat cancer with a generous donation.

To make a donation, go to:

On behalf of Oksana and her family, we greatly appreciate your kindness and donation.

Save a mother, today.

Please leave your thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes below.

Thank you.