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It’s been almost 6 full months of Paying it Forward on Fridays here at Life on Fire!

We’ve received tons of emails and comments from people who have been inspired to start paying it forward in their own lives.

And, what we want to do is feature and highlight you for your good deeds!

You can either send us a video clip of you actually paying it forward and doing something to give to someone else, or tell us about something you’ve done to pay it forward!

Send your story to [email protected] by July 30th to be featured in an upcoming Pay it Forward Friday.

Also, another big announcement. We are changing the format of the show from smaller acts of kindness every week to 1 big pay it forward each month.

We’re still going to pay it forward every week, but we’re going to only shoot one big pay it forward episode per month.

So, get ready for some awesome stuff!!


Send us your videos and stories to [email protected] today!

Thanks for watching, and thank you for your Comments, Likes, and Tweets!

You make our day! 🙂