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We couldn’t be more excited to share this special episode with you where we give you a sneak peek into how we’re giving back, through the organization Pencils of Promise, and building a school in Guatemala.

A big part of the mission behind Life on Fire an as organization is is giving back.

Last December we raised over $5,000 to purchase Kindle eReaders and donate them to foster teens to promote reading and entrepreneurialism and it was an amazing experience.

This year we are raising the bar and have pledged $25,000 to build a school through the organization Pencils of Promise in Guatemala.

We experience, first hand, the difference of in the quality of the school we are helping to build vs. the existing structures and see how much better and more conducive of a learning environment these children are going to have.

After immersing ourselves in the cause and the culture, and most importantly, spending time with the children in the community, words can’t describe the way it feels to know you’re making a difference at that level.

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